From quite a few days, we have seen how COVID-19 has brought entire world into a halting condition. The acute, rapid spreading and life threatening situation has disturbed the harmony across the globe.

COVID-19 virus took over the world as storm and has been spread across the globe and took many lives, Most of the nations have been successful in controlling the COVID-19 virus spread by imposing the lock down and maintaining social distance.

Recently, scientists from Russia were successful in producing the vaccine for COVID-19 and Hyderabad based “Bharat Bio Tech company” from our country is also trying to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, by following these simple tips we can help our body to fight against not just the COVID-19 but any other virus attacks.  Here are some of the immunity building tips which are available for every individual with ease in their daily routine life are as follows:-

  • Gurgling the throat daily morning and night before sleep with lukewarm water along with pinch of salt.
  • Intake of Luke warm water with honey or lemon or both on empty stomach daily.
  • Drinking warm water whenever you feel thirsty (according to the need of the individual) and eating food when it is hot warm.
  • Intake of vitamin C Rich foods (Lemon, Oranges, Guava, Kiwi, Papaya etc.,)
  • Papaya at least once in a week (after lunch is advisable) which is a natural immune booster and even adds to your beauty with its cleansing properties and making the skin glow.
  • Preferring Lime water with lemon and pinch of salt is advisable which keeps your metabolites balanced.
  • Using pepper soup which is rich in antioxidants facilitates digestion and also helps in weight reduction.
  • Performing gentle exercises like YOGA or pranayama etc…
  • Keeping healthy and positive thoughts in the mind which makes the individual feel good and positive.

(All the above mentioned steps are most common and known to almost all the individuals which can be done with ease to stay healthy and fit.)

By- DR.Goli