When was the last time you saw a movie in a theater ??

Well let me guess ?? when things were normal before COVID-19 i’e.; March 2020. Due to the rapid increase of covid cases in India the Government had to shut down theaters indefinitely as a precautionary measure.This left the audience no choice but to stay home and watch sitcoms/movies through OTT. With theaters being closed, most of the film makers have released their movies on various OTT platforms.

The OTT traffic has spiked up so much that few services had to lower their bit rate so as to have a seamless experience to the users. Which raised so many questions in our mind that” Is OTT going to be our future?”, “Can we ever be able to go back to watch movies in theaters normally?”.

Most of the people seem to like the way how OTT has paved the way for a revolution in Entertainment sector. While few movie buffs feels that they are missing the “aura” of movie experience. Of course, home experience is no way closer when you compare it to a theater experience. Be it picture quality or sound, Mass Audience all together will amaze you to the whole next level! Few people complain about the hike in ticketing prices, which is why they want the movies to be released digitally going forward. Though this might be hassle free for the audience, it is the distributors and theater owners who are gonna have a tough time. People who are mainly dependent on cinema halls are the ones going to suffer.

Lately, Government proposed to reopen cinema halls with 25% occupancy, proper sanitization and safety measures. It is unlikely to expect people show up at the cinemas considering the COVID-19 consequences. This isn’t going to help theater owners either, It is tough to tell what it is gonna be like in near future. Let’s hope everything gets normal as early as possible and we can enjoy watching the movie in theaters with the family, friends and of course pop corn.