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IPL 2020 – Delhi Capitals

As we are getting close to IPL-2020, excitement is getting higher in the cricket fans to see their favorite teams and players playing after six months break due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Hope you all have read our last IPL 2020 teams review and here is our take on Delhi Capitals.

Team which always has the potential to win the cup from the inaugural edition of IPL but fails miserably. Ever since they changed the name from “Delhi Dare Devils” to “Delhi Capitals” along with management team has done quite well in the last two editions of the IPL.

Delhi has always been a team that encourages the young talent with the likes of young players like Shreyas iyer, Rishabh Pant, Prithvi Shaw, Sandeep Lamichane, Kagiso Rabada and keemo paul.

Delhi Capitals has a strong Indian core both in the batting and bowling departments. They are the only team that would make a strong playing XI without any foreign players and has potential to beat any team in the IPL 2020. Icing on the cake, it also has quality foreign players.

Top Order

Delhi Capitals has a strong batting lineup with top order consisting Shikar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw as opening pair. In No.3 position Delhi has many options with Shimron Hetmyer, Ajinkya Rahane, Marcus Stoinis or even the captain himself to play. All these players have the capability to open the innings and play in any position till No.6 which gives the team more flexibility. With all the attacking players in the team addition of a class player like Rahane provides a much needed stability for Delhi.

Middle Order and Finisher

Even if the top order fails to score runs at the top, Delhi Capitals has a strong middle order with Shreyas Iyer at 4, which is an ideal position for him to bat as he usually bats at No 4 for India in limited overs format. Then comes No 5, 6 and 7 Delhi has the option of playing Hetmyer at No 5 or Stoinis if they are looking for an all rounder, which isn’t a bad option at all. Pant at 6 can play the finisher role or they can even shuffle the position with Stoinis depending up on the situation and Axar Patel at 7 can tonk the ball and gives you 4 overs of quality left arm spin.

Bowling Department

In addition to left arm spinner Axar Patel, Delhi Capitals has a nice variety in their bowling department with wrist spinners like Sandeep Lamichane, Amith Mishra and finger spinner Ravichandran Ashwin who can deceive any batsman with their spin. These Spin blowing options might come handy in the later half of the tournament as pitches will slow down and assist spinners more.

Delhi has a very good fast bowling lineup with the likes of Kagiso Rabada leading the attack along with the indian fast bowlers like Ishant Sharma who had a good IPL last year, can chip in with few tidy overs at top and in the middle overs. Mohit Sharma and Keemo Paul can come handy as well with their cutters and slower balls which can be frustrating to the modern batsmen who like pace on the ball. Avesh khan and Harshal patel both bowled well in the last season.

Delhi Capitals is the only team in the IPL 2020 with minimal weakness and with abundant options but, too many choices to make might also go wrong sometimes.

Player to watch out :

Can Rishab Pant be consistent and finish games for Delhi to make a come back in India playing XI

Best Playing XI

1.  Shikhar Dhawan
2. Prithvi Shaw
3. Ajinkya Rahane
4. Shreyas Iyer (C)
5. Marcus Stoinis/Shimron Hetmyer
6. Rishabh Pant(wk)
7. Axar Patel
8. Ravichandran Ashwin
9. Keemo Paul /Sandeep Lamichane
10. Ishant Sharma
11. Kagiso Rabada

Please feel free to comment your take below and express your opinion.

IPL 2020- Sun Risers Hyderabad

Who would have thought that we will be seeing our favorite cricket stars on the ground battling against each other, Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic from March we haven’t seen any cricketing action taking place but gradually we are seeing the cricket making come back recently with West Indies and Pakistan touring to England. Taking some inspiration of Bio-Bubble environment from England, BCCI is now all set to host IPL-2020 in UAE.

With just 10 days left to the start of IPL we bring you our own take on each IPL team. We’ve tried to be as unbiased, neutral as possible and this is purely our opinion and yours could vary. Please feel free to comment your take below and express your opinion. We will start with our very own home team Sun Risers Hyderabad.

SRH is one of the successful team in the IPL; it has won the IPL trophy in the year 2016 and reached the playoffs in 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019 seasons, let’s just look into the team attributes.

SRH has always been a strong team when it comes to the bowling. With Bhuvi leading bowling department they have abundant resources of pace and spin variety consisting of Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Khaleel Ahmed etc.; and has strong batting line up with Warner, Williamson, Bairstow, Manish.  Although SRH has strong bowling and top order but middle order has always been a concern and on top of that they were never really able to find a proper finisher. In this year IPL 2020, SRH tried to fill those gaps with talented players like Vijay Shankar, Mitchell Marsh, Mohammad Nabi, Abdul Samad, and Abhishek Sharma.


Boon to SRH:

Strong and Devastating top order with Warner, Bairstow, Manish and Williamson.
Spin duo with Rashid and Nabi, who can create trouble to opposition in slow turning tracks of UAE.
Young talented Hitter whom we can keep an eye on “Abdul Samad”
Recent batting performance from Rashid can chip in few good overs at death.


Bane to SRH:

Heavily dependent on top order batsmen Warner and Bairstow.
Can lose the quality services of All-Rounder’s with Warner, Bairstow, and Williamson included in Playing XI.
Lack of proper finisher down the order.


Best Playing XI:

David Warner
Johnny Bairstow
Manish Pandey
Vijay Shankar
Wriddhiman Saha
Abdul Samad
Mohammad Nabi / Mitch Marsh
Rashid Khan
Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
Sandeep Sharma / Sid kaul
Khaleel Ahmed/ T. Natrajan

Hope this year’s IPL brings joy and entertainment to all the cricket fans across the globe.






PLASMA THERAPY- A ray of hope for treating COVID-19.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC has been knocking down the entire humankind with its virulent nature and with no proper vaccination or treatment available (Although trials are going on for vaccination as of now).  The only ray of hope till the day is PLASMA THERAPY which is been successful in good number of cases.

Let’s just turn the clock and go back to the history how PLASMA THERAPY has been in action since 18th century. The first trial was made on 1892, for treating ‘Diphtheria’, using blood serum initially.

For treating ‘Scarlet Fever’ in 1920 and also ‘Pertussis’ later on, it is been successful in curtailing the mortality rate.

During the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918, convalescent plasma was used as potential therapy with mixed results. It has been used in a variety of viral infections that includes Measles, Mumps, Argentine hemorrhage fever, Influenza, chickenpox, Infections by cytomegalovirus, Parvovirus B19 and more recently EBOLA, SARS.

PLASMA THERAPY is also known as “PASSIVE ANTIBODY THERAPY”, as the patient gains passive immunity to fight the virus.

Now let’s check out why plasma therapy has become so crucial in treating COVID-19.

Therapy mainly involves transfusion of certain components of blood from the person who got infected with virus and recovered to the people who are sick with the virus.

  • Generally, production of Antibodies is the defense mechanism of the body to fight against the virulent/harmful organisms entering into the body.
  • These Antibodies are secreted by the immune cells and are found in plasma or the liquid part of the blood that helps the blood to clot when needed there by supporting the immunity.
  • Scientists say that, these antibodies attacks the spikes on the outside of virus thereby blocking the virus from penetrating into the human cells.
  • The suitable donors for donating the PLASMA are those whose infection has began 28 days prior.
  • However, 10-15% infected people don’t develop antibodies post COVID infection because they either develop T-cell immunity or dominant IgA antibody response in respiratory mucosa and not systemic IgG response.As we’ve seen how and why plasma therapy is so important, let us see who can donate their plasma for helping the covid-19 victims.
  • Donor Age should be in between 18-55 yrs and with NO comorbid condition.
  • Women donors should be either unmarried or married with no children.
  • PLASMA THERAPY is effective in lowering the death rates only when the sick, infected individual receives the plasma with covid-19 antibodies particularly early in their diagnosis.
  • However, the PLASMA THERAPY may flunk in few individuals as the antibodies lasts only for short period.
  • All the precautionary measures are meant to be taken mandatory,  as there are chances for TRANSFUSION associated reactions in some individuals.

With being taking some necessary precautions, we can help our friends and family who are affected with covid-19 by donating our plasma. Let us bring awareness among the people that there is no need to be afraid in donating the plasma.









From quite a few days, we have seen how COVID-19 has brought entire world into a halting condition. The acute, rapid spreading and life threatening situation has disturbed the harmony across the globe.

COVID-19 virus took over the world as storm and has been spread across the globe and took many lives, Most of the nations have been successful in controlling the COVID-19 virus spread by imposing the lock down and maintaining social distance.

Recently, scientists from Russia were successful in producing the vaccine for COVID-19 and Hyderabad based “Bharat Bio Tech company” from our country is also trying to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, by following these simple tips we can help our body to fight against not just the COVID-19 but any other virus attacks.  Here are some of the immunity building tips which are available for every individual with ease in their daily routine life are as follows:-

  • Gurgling the throat daily morning and night before sleep with lukewarm water along with pinch of salt.
  • Intake of Luke warm water with honey or lemon or both on empty stomach daily.
  • Drinking warm water whenever you feel thirsty (according to the need of the individual) and eating food when it is hot warm.
  • Intake of vitamin C Rich foods (Lemon, Oranges, Guava, Kiwi, Papaya etc.,)
  • Papaya at least once in a week (after lunch is advisable) which is a natural immune booster and even adds to your beauty with its cleansing properties and making the skin glow.
  • Preferring Lime water with lemon and pinch of salt is advisable which keeps your metabolites balanced.
  • Using pepper soup which is rich in antioxidants facilitates digestion and also helps in weight reduction.
  • Performing gentle exercises like YOGA or pranayama etc…
  • Keeping healthy and positive thoughts in the mind which makes the individual feel good and positive.

(All the above mentioned steps are most common and known to almost all the individuals which can be done with ease to stay healthy and fit.)

By- DR.Goli

Cricket After COVID-19


So far 2020 has been an unpleasant one for the cricket fraternity. With COVID-19 creating chaos globally, all the matches which were supposed to happen from March 2020 or so have been abandoned. The impact of COVID-19 was so worse that not even a single game was played for quite some time.

In July, when situations seemed to be under control West Indies and England have decided to play a three match test series in England. This was a bold move from both the cricketing nations considering the COVID-19 consequences. This series gave a sigh of relief for all the cricket fans around the globe as it was the first series which has been played in over a period of time and this time cricket didn’t look the same as it was earlier.

There were quite a lot of changes to make sure the game is safe and sound. ICC had to revise few rules which included no crowd in the stadiums, no shake hands between the individuals, no group celebrations, no saliva on the ball, proper sanitization of the dressing rooms, stumps and bails during the breaks, pre-match and post matches. Also cricketers are only allowed to be in the squad if they are tested COVID-19 negative.

We all know cricket is known for whooping crowd in the stadiums. It is so disheartening to see the games with no audience. With that being said, this would be a complete different experience for the players as well. These rules will be functioning until any further notices from ICC. Apparently, few countries have already decided to start playing cricket.

With IPL being played in the next month, fans and players are gearing up for what is going to be an absolute cricketing event. Let’s see for how long this goes and hope Cricket will be normal as early as possible.